Power to Change in the Word!

Power to Change in the Word!

Almost every recorded miracle Jesus performed,
He used words to do it — commanding, irrefutable, irresistible
words. Most of the time Jesus simply commanded every
hindrance or problem to come into subjection to His Word and
whatever it was that stood in His way — whether it was evil
spirits, diseases, sicknesses, or the natural elements — it had to
obey Him!
At the wedding at Cana, Jesus performed His first miracle
using words — words that changed a natural circumstance and
met a need. You remember the story: Jesus and His disciples
went to a wedding feast in Cana. When the host needed more
wine, Jesus’ mother came to Him and asked Jesus to do
something about it. (JOHN 2:1-11)

Notice that to perform this miracle, Jesus didn’t call a big
prayer meeting. In fact, the Bible doesn’t even record that Jesus
prayed over the wine. He didn’t hold a city wide rally, trying to
get everyone to believe God to meet the need. He didn’t do
anything special. The Bible records that Jesus merely spoke
WORDS: “Fill the waterpots. Draw out now and drink” (vv.
7,8). We know there was something special about the words Jesus
spoke by something His mother said: She told the servants, “Do
whatever He tells you” (v. 5). She was saying, “Jesus’ words are
special. Obey Jesus’ words.” That’s an important point, because
when Jesus spoke His irresistible words, it was important that
the hearers do exactly what He said to do. If Jesus’ instructions
were followed exactly, the results were always successful; the
miraculous came to pass, and the needs of mankind were met.
That’s why Jesus’ mother said, “Do whatever He tells you to do.”
Jesus commanded, “Fill the pots with water.”
But stop and think about it. In reality, whoever heard of such
a thing? No one had ever turned water into wine before! If you
fill a pot with water, you’re going to get water! However, in
simple faith and obedience, the servants drew the water and
filled the pots with water. Then Jesus said, “Take the pots to the
governor of the feast” (v. 8). Those servants must have placed a
high value on Jesus’ words in order to obey a command that in
the natural didn’t seem to make any sense.
How much more should we, the Body of Christ, value and
obey Jesus’ words!
Put yourself in the place of those servants: They were
probably employed by the governor of the feast, or at least
subject to his commands. When they ran out of wine, it was
their responsibility to get more wine for the guests. So looking
at this account from the servants’ perspective, Jesus was asking
them to do something which didn’t make any sense whatsoever,
at least in the natural. Jesus commanded them to take water to
the governor of the feast, when the host had asked for wine!

So looking at this situation just from a natural point of view,
Jesus was instructing these servants to take water to the
governor of the feast! Those servants either completely trusted
Jesus’ words, or else they were foolishly jeopardizing their jobs
or perhaps even their lives. But the servants obeyed Jesus’
words and did exactly as they were told to do, and that’s why
they reaped supernatural success! In fact, the wine was so good
that when they gave the governor the water that had been turned
into wine, he said to the bridegroom in astonishment, “Why
have you saved the best wine for last!”
By obeying Jesus’ words, the servants not only accomplished
what they were commanded to do — to get more wine for the
guests — but their act of obedience also won for the bridegroom
the favor and the approval of the governor of the feast!
Obedience to God’s Word brings the favor o f God!
Words! Jesus’ irresistible words brought about this miracle.
Jesus merely said, “Fill the waterpots.” Then He said, “Take it
to the governor of the feast.” Irresistible words were spoken —
words that overcame the circumstance; words that overcame the
lack and brought God’s abundant provision into the situation to
meet the needs of people!

God’s Word can bring abundance into your life too! No
matter what circumstance you face, no matter what trial seems
to be plaguing you — God has the answer for you in His Word.
Some of you have been struggling with the same
insurmountable circumstances and obstacles for years. Oh,
you’ve begged God for the answer, all right, but you’ve never
really put God’s Word to the test. Instead of begging God for the
answer, put God’s Word to work in your situation. God’s Word
will perform whatever it is sent forth to do! God wants to set
you free so that you can go set others free!

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