Jesus is Lord

A New Life in Christ – Jesus is Lord

Do you want a whole new life? Why not know and have Him deeper within you now, and know that Jesus is Lord? Just say these words out now… I believe Jesus came to suffer and die for my salvation, into the blessed life that God wants for me. I also believe He rose up from the dead for the same reason. Today, I proclaim that I am sorry for my sins, and I accept the blood of Jesus to wash me clean. I ... »

How To Stop Sin In Your Life

How To Stop Sin In Your Life

Someone sent me a message some days ago saying they keep seeing themselves asking Jesus into their lives, yet going back to sin again and again. You might find the answer interesting. Names have been changed to protect identities. Enjoy! Hello James… How is it? You sent me a question a couple of days ago, and indicated that you have been accepting Christ time after time, and still sin after ... »