How to Have a Glorious 2015

How to Have a Glorious 2015

A New Year is a whole new opportunity – an opportunity to change your life forever, positively, if you could just identify the right way to go now to get that permanent change. For most rich, great men, there is a particular year that made them become all they eventually became.

2015 can be that year for you.

What effort could you put in this year that would make you shine out? What could you do in 2015 that would give you better results? What could you have done better in 2014? What habit would have made you win better?

What could you do more of in 2015 that could bring more results your way? Prayerfully consider this. Could it be investing more time in God’s Word? Being more focused on what you do? Becoming more serious with what you do? Giving more time and attention to your family? Starting or finishing those projects that you have been planning? Taking what you ought to do more serious?

The way you did things in 2014 might not have worked out so well for you. You need a new set of plans. You need to spend time in prayer and get new plans by the Spirit.

The way you would enjoy any meal is entirely dependent on how you prepare for it – planning it, going to buy the items you need, washing, cooking and setting the table.

The way you would enjoy the meal is entirely dependent on the planning/preparation for it.

2015 is a whole great opportunity to change the game on the devil, but the way you would win in it depends on your preparation for it.

You were born to win.

Do not waste this opportunity.


Spend time today to pray and possibly fast for God to make this your best year ever till this point. Take a sheet of paper and write down your goals/plans for the year. Commit them to the Lord, and ask Him to anoint you with focus, wisdom, favour and strength to achieve them excellently.

Keep focusing on your plans, praying for their success and refining them over the coming days/weeks.

2015 shall be the year you shall achieve more than you have ever achieved before now in Jesus Name.

God bless you.

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