Focusing on Our Purpose

Focusing on Our Purpose

So I run straight to the goal with purpose in every step. I fight to win. I’m not just shadow-boxing or playing around. Like an athlete I punish my body, treating it roughly, training it to do what it should, not what it wants to.
1 Corinthians 9:24-27

Until you find your purpose, you would keep going round wasting your time doing the things that are not important to the reason you were born. Your life is composed of seconds, hours and years, so you would be actually be wasting your life.

When you find out your divine purpose, you can finally start working on the reason God created you and put you in the earth for.

A man of God once said that when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. A lot of us go through a lot of our challenges because we have not found our divine purpose, and unknowingly, tend to be ‘abused’ by life itself.

What we need do is,

1. Ask God to tell you why you were born and to start guiding you into it.

2. Meditate on what God impresses on your heart in answer to this prayer. Find out what it would take to get to that level of achievement. Find someone who has achieved that level of success in that or a similar field and read their life stories, books, articles, etc. If they are still alive and you can quickly do this, try to get access to them. Learn from them the level of discipline and the habits, skills and attitudes it would take to acheive your divine purpose.
– Pr 15:22 Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors they are established.

3. Pray that the Lord would show you where you should start working on immediately. Pray for strength and zeal to do all you need to do now.


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