Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart

follow_yournophasiaFollow your heart
Believe in your heart

Be yourself
Don’t try to be no one else

You cannot be them
So don’t try to be them

You were made to be better
Don’t put yourself in fetters

Stand out
Don’t blend in

Challenges can come
Don’t be afraid

You would never be great
If you give in.

You have two choices:
Give up
Or break in!

Into your dreams
Into your future
Into your greatness

What would you give in to?

Fear or courage?

Timidity, cowardice
Or faith and greatness?

Believe in yourself,
Follow your heart.

Find out what you are afraid of doing
That’s keeping you from your dream

Then do it.

Decide to give anything it takes.

Don’t let ANYONE

Tell you you can’t.

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