Don’t run from your Goliaths

Don’t run from your Goliaths

Don’t run from your Goliaths. No matter how big that problem may be, your greatness and destiny actually lie in solving it.

Solve your own issue, and develop ways how you can channel that solution to help others.

To this end, vision, products, systems, consistency, marketing and visibility are vital. The heart is help, but you can only help those who are aware you could help them.

There are so many gems stuck in the rock, afraid of publicity and visibility.

When I was young, I used to feel that you need extra spiritual powers to sustain becoming more visible or popular.

But life does not work that way.

God actually made us with a destiny of being visible. God is a great God, and He made us to be like Him. Those who stay small never actually fulfill this part of God’s call/blessing on their lives.

You are born to be a solution to a problem. When you find that solution, you are to help as much people as you can, with what you have found. Not doing so is actually self-centeredness – selfishness.

I once heard someone say that everyone has at least one book in him. What he was referring to was that book that teaches others what life has taught you.

It might not necessarily be a book, but we were all born to help other people, and in so doing, make the world a better place.

God never made a chair. He made trees, because someone needed to cut the tree and help others by making and selling the chair.

A businessman helps his staff by giving them viable jobs, his clients by giving them a preferred means of getting what they need done, done; and the government by providing taxes. A pastor helps people spiritually, an NGO founder, helps people physically, socially and emotionally. An employee helps his employer carry out tasks is a skillful, efficient and trustworthy manner.

We are all born to help someone. The question becomes how many people would eventually receive our help?

This is where visibility comes in. The Bible says not to light a candle and put it under a bushel. In other words, let your light shine and help others. Visibility, for us, then becomes not a luxury, but pressing necessity.

Let your Light SO Shine

The first question here is, are you shining at all? You cannot SO shine when you are not even shining yet.

To shine simply means to find out what you can help others with. It could through speaking, writing, or entrepreneurship (working for people for a fee).

A fee does not necessarily mean you are not helping someone. For example, I want to buy this recharge card for N500 because talking to someone right now is more important to me than to hold on to my N500.

A price is always an UNEQUAL exchange. People only pay for what they would prefer to have with them than keeping the amount the product or service is charged.

Every problem is a business. Finding out what you were created to solve, and becoming more visible about it, is the secret to solving your income issues.

Get an idea of what you could help others with. If you need to take a course to get better at it by all means do. This is the start of your vision.

Develop a product or business around it.

Embrace and learn how to build a system around your product, or into your business.

Work on your consistency,

Embrace marketing and visibility. This is key to you helping more people and fulfilling your potential.

Above all, learn the importance of hard work, planning, strategy and order.

Heaven is an orderly place. God loves order. Resources only flow to those who can manage them orderly. – Myles Munroe.

Finally, let’s stop where we started.

Don’t run from your Goliath. Don’t even pray for God to remove it. Pray for Him to teach you how to kill it.

In the solving of your issues lies your greatness.

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