Being The Best You Could Ever Be!

Being The Best You Could Ever Be!

excellence3Spiritual things are very similar to natural things. Jesus took natural things to explain spiritual things. No one is going to be an expert or keen in any area without working at it. In the area of sports, for instance, a person who is known for his high batting average, for his hitting ability, did not get to his position without many hours of batting practice.

On the news I once heard about a fellow whose batting average had been way down, but by much hard work and practice he had brought it up. The reporter talked to the baseball player about how he had been working on it. It seemed everyone else would practice at regular times, but this fellow would come to the park early every morning and have someone throw balls for him. He would practice two or three hours every day on just batting, and the more he practiced, the keener he became.

Once I heard someone on television play the piano. He was just a young person, about nineteen or twenty years old, but he was tops in his field. He could play all of those marvelous classical pieces. When the young man was interviewed, he said he started playing the piano when he was four years old, and from the time he was nine years old, he practiced from four to six hours every day. (As a child he didn’t run and play as much as the other children his age because he was always practicing the piano.) He had missed much in that respect, but
look where all his practice had taken him. He couldn’t have become keen and expert in natural things without putting in time practicing.

We know these things don’t just fall on us like ripe cherries off a tree. Likewise, you needn’t think that in the spiritual realm, you are going to become expert overnight in praying either. You won’t be able to. You needn’t think that you can just sit around and wait for something to fall on you either. The only thing that will fall on you is disappointment and discouragement.

No, you will have to put some effort into the things of God. You won’t be able to become proficient in any area, without some effort and personal diligence.

If you want to become expert in any area, you must be dedicated. Men have become expert because they gave themselves to achieve a goal. They took time to become expert and keen in a certain field. They denied themselves a lot of good activities, even legitimate things in life, to give of themselves to become proficient in a certain area.

– Kenneth Hagin



I am committed to my business, the work of God, and my career. I am diligent and focused on getting results in all these areas.

I am full of commitment to growing spiritually, academically and career-wise. I am the star the world has been waiting for, and I am manifesting in excellence that is better than even the very best in the world.

I am a ruler, I am manifesting His excellence in Jesus’ Name!


Acts 3:1-26

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