Your Answer Is Here

Your Answer Is Here

There’s this story of a young man who would have loved to be a great engineer. One morning, he said a short prayer that God would make him one of the best engineers in the world. He went ahead on his way, and promptly forgot the very brief prayer he had said that morning.

He had taken up a job taking care of his uncle’s shop. His uncle had a nice job in the city with a big firm, and his wife had always taken care of the shop. But she had recently put to bed with a baby girl, and seeing James as someone who had always come to help out in the shop after school, and who had proved hardworking and disciplined with handling money, she had wanted him to stand in for her till she could start coming again.

There was so much for James to do today. The customers seemed to be increasing, and he had to clean up the whole place, place things properly on the shelves – and he hadn’t gotten round to calculating the total sales made yesterday, and making sure the cash in the wooden drawer tallied with it. He got to work immediately.

– He soon forgot his short morning prayer.

The next day, a thought seemed to come to him to go and enroll for the university admissions test. Nice thought, really. But there was no time for that now. Three customers had just come simultaneously now. He got up to ask them what they needed.

He kept postponing his thought of enrolling. There was too much to do, too many very urgent things to handle. Too much work…

Unknown to James, the ‘thought’ had come from His Father, and it was the beginning of the manifestation of the answer to his prayer.

James never did get round to enrolling for that exam…

When we pray, God answers us with the power to do all we have asked Him for, then gives us thoughts and ‘ideas’ in the very direction that would successfully take us there. These are actually answers to our prayers.

However, when we do not act on the ideas the thoughts and ideas that come to us, we would keep on feeling that God has not answered our prayers.

The Bible says But wilt thou know, that faith without works is dead? – James: 2:20

The fact that a thought or idea came from God however, dies not mean there’ll be no challenges if we act on it. So many Christians are robbed of their inheritance this way. In fact, sometimes, when the devil senses you are on your way to your breakthrough, he starts trying to stop you as much as he can. Challenges can just be a sign that you are on the right path.

God gives us answers that would take our acting in faith to cause it’s manifestation. He said ‘I am the one who gives you power to make wealth.’ He might not give you physical cash, but He would give you every ability to make it yourself.

He is a good father who turns His children into responsible humans and adults, He is not a magician or native doctor…

Act on the Word today, and see the good Lord’s answer to all your prayers.

God bless you today.

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