Put action to your confidence

Put action to your confidence

One reason our faith might not be working might be if we are adding the right actions to our faith, or not…

The difference between faith and hope is action.

Sometimes, as Christians, we say we have faith, when what we actually have is hope.

Now there is really nothing wrong with hope. The English word HOPE, according to the dictionary, is a feeling of DESIRE for a thing to happen, or to WANT something to HAPPEN.

This suggests just WISHING that something would happen.

However, the Greek word translated for hope in the New Testament, the word ELPIS, IS very different from this. It is very far from wishing.

The Greek dictionary tells us ELPIS actually means a CONFIDENT EXPECTATION.

In other words, the Bible hope is full of great confidence that the Word of God is going to come to pass in our lives.

This is an extremely powerful virtue.

A lot of Christians even struggle with hope. Is your confidence that the words God has told you would come to pass in your life, very strong?

Hope (elpis) is powerful.

However, hope brings strength, courage and perseverance to us.

But it is only faith that brings results.
And the major difference between hope and faith is ACTION.

A lot of Christians have a strong confidence that the Lord would come through for them (hope), and still don’t act on what they believe.

So there is hope present, but no faith.

However, there are no results without faith.
Do you need results? The secret is not just in believing God, but in seeking His face for something you should DO to turn your hope (belief) into action, because faith without works (action) is dead – James 2:17.

Add some action to what you believe today.
Pray, and seek the wisdom of God, let Him speak to you, and tell you what you should do to put your faith to work and change that situation.

If He answers by speaking directly to you, or He answers through a word of advice from a friend or acquaintance, or from a book…
Act on it.

You will succeed as you do so, in Jesus Name.

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