He wants to talk to you!

He wants to talk to you!

The Holy Spirit seeks a deep and intimate fellowship and intimacy with us.

The Word tells us that we were created in the image and likeness of God – Gen 1:26.

In other words, because we are made in God’s own image and likeness, there are some things which we share with Him…

For example, our ability to think and be creative is one thing we have because we share His likeness with Him.

Another quality we share with Him is the quality of needing to be loved and communicating with others.

The Word lets us know that after He created Adam and Eve, the Lord would come down into the garden in the cool of the day, to see and commune with them. It was on one of such occasions they ran from Him because they had done something.

The point is, He felt a need to talk to them, and came down to do so.

Have you ever tried not talking to anyone at all for days? Imagine just how you would feel.

We know we need communication, but we don’t just know we share that quality with, and got it from Him. Just like God, we all have a need to commune with someone, and just like us, He needs our communication and fellowship too. Not just the prayer type that just talks about ‘Give me, give me’, but a more natural type of relaxed communication, where you both talk to each other freely.

This is one of the major reasons the Lord was not extremely comfortable with the Old Covenant, or Setup.

Because of the sin nature gotten from Adam, man could not have fellowship with God. They could only try to obey His laws. Someone had to come to pay the price for their sins to be washed away, so they would permanently receive His righteousness.

This is one of the most important reasons why Jesus came and died for us, to bring us back into fellowship with the Father and His Spirit.

Now, in Christ, we can have constant fellowship with God’s Spirit. We are not just able to talk to Him, He actually wants us to talk to Him. He NEEDS your fellowship with Him.

Just imagine you were with someone, and that person never talked with you for even a moment. How would you feel? The Holy Spirit is with you right now. He has been with you for so long, but you keep Him quiet, and disrespect His presence with you.

But you say, ‘I am not holy, I commit so much sin! How could He be with me?!’

Well, the blood of Jesus has once and for all taken care of sin.

All you have to say now is:

(Say it out now…)

Lord Jesus, I believe you came to shed your blood for my returning to God, and being blessed by Him. I thank you, I worship you, I accept you and confess you as my personal Lord and Saviour today and always. I receive the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Father, to fill me now. I give you the permission to cleanse everything within and without in me, my body, my soul and spirit. I receive the ability to speak to the Holy Spirit, and always hear from Him every time as from now, Hallelujah!

After saying this prayer, talk to Him, He will reply you. You might be amazed, but that’s how easy it is. Talk to Him every time as from now. Tell Him ‘Good morning Holy Spirit’ when you wake up in the morning. Talk with Him throughout your day. He is always with you…

God bless you.

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