Finding Out Why You Were Born

Finding Out Why You Were Born

iSto5708Small2Why were you made? Have you ever wondered?

Let’s see…

God’s Word says you are a solution. You are God’s solution.

When your room is looking littered, what do you do? Of course you would go out and get a broom, and use it to tidy it up, right?

Well, when God has something that He doesn’t like, He does the same thing. The broom is a solution. He gets a solution to solve His challenge.

However, God does not need to get anything from anyone or anyplace. He CREATES one.

When God sees a challenge in the world, He CREATES a solution. He saw a PARTICULAR type of challenge on the earth, and He made YOU, hallelujah!

You are a solution to the nations. You are a product of God’s great grace, wisdom and power. You are made for greatness, and to change history forever in the area of your calling.

The reason you struggle is either because you do not know this area, or you have not focused on it enough!

But how do you know this area?

Well, what do you love doing? What do you always feel like doing for God and for others?

This is the key to finding out your calling. It’s not the full detail of exactly how you’d do it, but would lead you in the area that would write your name permanently in the sands of time.

He can want you to do it within the covering of another ministry, or not, but He would have to SPECIFICALLY speak to you about doing it if you cannot fit it into the church, etc you are currently involved with.

The Word says that God is love – 1 John 4:8.

We are all love products of a love God. Love helps, blesses and increases others.

God loves the people in the world, and sends us to be an instrument of His love (help, blessing and increase) to them.

This is the reason the only way our life can function normally by His blessings is to give of our resources, time and money to the help of others and to God on a constant basis.

Live for love today. Give something you have to someone today. Help people in the area of your gifting. Share a word of encouragement with someone today. EVERYONE has something to give. Get involved with your time, effort and money.

Your blessings are waiting for you!


I believe Jesus came to suffer and die for my salvation from my old life into the greatness and the love of God. I believe He rose up from the dead for the same reason. Today, I proclaim Jesus as my Lord and Savior, hallelujah! The love of God is shared abroad in my heart by the Holy Ghost. I am filled with the love of God, and with the Wisdom of God to apply it, in Jesus’ Name. The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places. I am full of the grace and blessings of God as I go out, in Jesus’ Name! I know who I am: I am a blessing sharer as from now, hallelujah!

Be a winner and ruler today!

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