Challenges Come To Build Us Up

Challenges Come To Build Us Up

Life is essentially a training mission. The first reason we are on this earth is to love, or help others. The thing is, we cannot help others until we can help ourselves. Moses’ first qualification for leading the Israelites is having first survived the harshness of the wilderness himself.

Life does not throw challenges at us to defeat us.

Life throws challenges at us to change us from sissies to winners, from the ignorant to the wise. From the weak to the strong.

When you have successfully conguered, you can teach someone else how to conquer. Your life suddenly becomes a light to the world. It becomes one of the solutions in a sea of challenges.

Our response to challenges – giving up/trying to avoid them, or having the faith to find a solution and put it to work – makes all the difference to how quickly you would become one of the “Certified Solutions Providers” in this world.

Challenges do not come to defeat us. They come to make us leave our comfort zone, sit up, and become God’s dream for us.

Keep on working on that dream for your life today. Remember – you were born to rule!


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