But Now is the Time

But Now is the Time

quotivee_128ow-is-the-time.“Today if you hear God’s voice speaking to you, do not harden your hearts against
Him, as the people of Israel did when they rebelled against Him in the

— Hebrews 3:15

Have you ever taken God for granted? It really isn’t that hard to do. You get
caught up in the busyness of life these days and, first thing you know, you
miss church one Sunday “just to rest,” and then next Sunday the lawn needs
mowing because it rained all week…and on and on it goes.

Take for example the story of family who admitted that they had “put God
on the back burner” …until tragedy struck.

It came “out of the blue,” so to speak, as most tragedies do. The husband
suffered a cardiac arrest on a parking lot. Paramedics worked with him and
brought him back to life, but they said he would have brain damage. The
family rallied around God in their time of crisis, and today this man’s brain is
not damaged. In fact, he’s perfectly well. He’s in church every week and
faithfully serves God.

Sometimes we think we don’t need God right now. We think we can wait
until later in life. But you never know how long “later” will be or how much
time you have.

Don’t wait until tragedy strikes. Serve Jesus now and for the rest of your life
— then if tragedy comes, you’ll be ready for it. Meditate on and speak
God’s Word every day, and act on what God tells you to do as you listen to His


Father, I confess that Jesus is Lord of my life. I believe He rose from the dead.
I refuse thoughts that tempt me to harden my heart
against You. I won’t wait until tragedy strikes to seek You, and I
will never take You for granted. I will obey You when You speak to

John 9:1-41

Have a ruler’s day!

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