A Study On Poverty/Riches | Part 1

A Study On Poverty/Riches | Part 1


Do you know it is God’s will for you to be rich.? The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 8:9 that, THOUGH JESUS WAS RICH, YET FOR YOUR SAKE HE BECAME POOR, THAT YE THROUGH HIS POVERTY MIGHT BE RICH.

In order to effectively push poverty out of your life once and for all, you need to understand what exactly it is, and how to push it out of your life permanently.

Mark 14:7 For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good.

– There would always be poor people to deal with in life. Poverty attributes are everywhere. That’s why poverty is so rampant. You need to do a PROPER check to ensure that you do not personally harbour any trait of it around you…

Matthew 25:29 For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.

Have you ever called a rich man a thief?

That would mean you don’t want to be rich, because then you would be a thief too!


Yes, some people who have money could have stolen it, but you have to be very careful about associating money with stealing in your mind, as this could keep it away from you.

Your mind is where poverty is, NOT in your pocket.


What you think affects what you have: Poverty is a product of the mind, not the pocket.

A poor man thinks he’s poor because he doesn’t have, but actually he’s poor because of his mindset.



– They take a temporal source of help as a permanent solution.

Your job cannot be a permanent solution to the challenge of financial security, because you are not in charge of it. What if the owners decide for any reason that keeping it operational is not among their goals anymore?

Also, some people start depending on others to help them out in their financial issues. It could be the closest person to you; it could even be your boss. What is not yours that comes to you again and again comes with the danger of making you look like beggar.

Build up your own assets. Build up your own business and investments. Build up yourself to be self-sufficient.

You can keep a job, but plan and act on your own assets. Then you can really show true love to those that are around you, for then, you would not be with anyone because you need something from them, but because you genuinly like them.

You could be getting other things from them, like wisdom, but you are definitely not begging them for anything.

– When God gives you a promise, you always have your own part to WORK out.

The Bible calls us Sons of God. This is because He does not see us, or treat us as kids anymore. We all have our own role to play in God’s salvation in our lives.

God does His part by leading us into how to get more wisdom to apply in our situation to produce financial fruit, gracing us to do all wisdom would have us do, and making us have extra results for all we do.

Our own part is to put in the effort that wisdom would have us put in in terms of PLANNING/STRATEGY, and ACTION/WORK.

We will continue tomorrow.


As I pray this week, the Holy Ghost will give me strategies for success and riches, and strength and zeal to do them, and I will excel as I put them to work. I am a success in my work, and in my storehouse and in all I do. Wisdom, favour and grace is mine, and I excel in all that I do this week, in Jesus’ Name. I reject every form of poverty in or around me. It goes in Jesus’ Name. Thank You Lord.

You shall have a week filled with awesome testimonies. UNEXPECTED BLESSINGS shall come your way this week. Put your Amen here to STAMP it down!

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