2015, Your Year Of Faith For Greatness!

2015, Your Year Of Faith For Greatness!

Welcome to 2015, Your YEAR OF FAITH FOR GREATNESS…

This year, as long as you are ready for Him, the Lord shall change (turnaround) your life forever.

This year 2015 shall be a whole different ball game from 2014. This year, you shall win by the SPIRIT OF FAITH.

You have left all weak, not doing things attitudes all in 2014. In this year 2015, when you do something weak, lacking in faith or the characteristics of faith, you just need to say “That is TOO 2014!”

In 2015, the Lord is giving you everything it would take to win BY YOURSELF. He would anoint your plans and actions with success. You would have to put the characteristics of faith to work and CAUSE your manifestations through your study, your words and your actions on the Word. The Lord would anoint your faith, words and actions with extraordinary results.

Your faith would work more than ever before this year. You would have to put it to work. He is causing you to be able to work wonders with your faith. If you have not started reigning physically as from January this year, know you have not been putting your faith to work. it is nobody’s fault – not God because He is responding to you based on your faith and not the devil because you have been given the power to defeat him.

You have been given the spirit of faith. In 2015 you shall start turning the world around, starting with your world, by putting the characteristics of faith to work. Here are some of it’s characteristics:

Faith STUDIES the word.
Faith TALKS the Word.
Faith ACTS on the Word.
Faith is STRONG..
Faith is full of PRAYER.
Faith DOES NOT give up.
Faith i is a GIVER.
Faith is full of WISDOM.
Faith is a PLANNER.
Faith is a FINISHER. It does not start and stop. It continues till the end. It does not get weak or give up.
When faith decides on a thing, it DOES IT. It does not chiken out or forget it.
Faith is angry and FED UP with poverty, with the devil, with sickness and with anything that is not it’s portion.
Fail DOES NOT accept its circumstances. It gets angry and CHANGES them.
Faith is a WINNER.
Faith is a HAVER .
Faith is a GOAL-GETTER
Faith is always FOCUSED.

This is the year you would deliberately put to work all these characteristics, and see your results explode seriously!

God is with you, and He is ready for you this year. Follow Him and start RECEIVING all He has in store for you…!

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God bless you. Have a faith-charged 2015!!!

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