Make A Decision! – The Power Of A Decision

Make A Decision! – The Power Of A Decision

One of the most powerful forces available to man is the power of DECISION.

Decisons determine your direction in life. Decisions change people, change things, and change the world.

Most of the things we see in the world today: nations that never existed before, better ways of doing things, great companies, imposing buildings, bridges, immense accomplishments, awards and prizes won by achievers, life-changing organisations, etc, are because someone made a firm decision to do something new, or better, or different: and followed up on it…

Decisions are so powerful, that they can change the course of a man’s whole life.

Life is like a well-stocked kitchen; filled with all kinds of ingredients to create any beautiful delicacy you would want to. If you are hungry for something, it is your decision to take, whether to prepare something for yourself or not, nobody would decide for you.

You could either sit down and do nothing about your desires/dreams, or get up, go to the kitchen, take the raw ingredients, and start WORKING out a meal for yourself, and stop daydreaming. If you’d decide to fix a meal, no matter how long it took you to get what you desire, you’d soon be sitting at the table, enjoying the fruits of your decision.

God has given you the power and ability to make wealth and to live a great life, it is now left for you to DECIDE and take advantage of the ability in you to be great.

Decisions are daily things. Apostle Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15vs31 (AMP) “I assure you by the pride which I have in your fellowship and union with Christ Jesus our Lord, that i die DAILY”(I follow up on my decision to die to self and live for God EVERY SINGLE DAY).

Wow! This means, that he took a decision everyday to follow up on his previous decision to live for God’s will alone, and do great things for him, EVERY DAY.

What decision are you taking today?

Take a decision to do something different and big: for the ability is in you. In Christ, the Bible says ‘you can do ALL THINGS’. Your spirit has an awesome ability to recreate your world.

Every change in a man’s life is a function of decision. Nobody can make a change if he hasn’t taken the decision to.

Have a vision for your future. Take a decision to recreate your world. Remember, the right decisions matter a lot, search the scriptures and listen to your spirit for the right decision.

DECIDE to do something special and different; make a plan for it, and follow up on that decision today!


I make a decision for greatness today. I accept that God has given me an open cheque to do whatsoever is in my heart that is approved by the Word. I receive your power to act on my decisions today. I know that that power lies in Christ; I accept Him and His power for change into my life today. I proclaim Him as my Lord and Saviour today and forever. I receive that power to excel, and I accept it as growing in me everyday, in the Name of Jesus. I am a winner! I will reign, in the Name of Jesus!

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